Nexus 3rd Anniversary!

Posted by:Stephen Boyce on Sep - 17 - 2013 - Filed under: Blog -

Three years and three released games have already past us, time really flies! While technically we’ve been doing this for much longer as developers, it’s been three years since the initial development of Gravonaut, our first game from Nexus. Read more...

Infinite 1.21 Android Update Now Available

Posted by:Stephen Boyce on Aug - 4 - 2013 - Filed under: Blog -

It’s been a while since the last update was available for infinite. We had technically finished development and updated the game to a state in which we were satisfied; version 1.15. Since completion of Blitz Block Robo, we’ve learned so much more about developing a better Android game, so this weekend, We decided to tackle the massive challenge of updating infinite. Why? We felt that we could have done so much better in our Android port. So we spent this long weekend making a sexy new update: Read more...

Blitz Block Robo Now Available!

Posted by:Stephen Boyce on Jul - 25 - 2013 - Filed under: Blog -

The day is here! Blitz Block Robo is finally available for iOS and Android! Blitz Block Robo is currently on a launch week sale for $0.99, so pick it up soon. Read more...

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