17 Sep

Nexus 3rd Anniversary!

Three years and three released games have already past us, time really flies! While technically we’ve been doing this for much longer as developers, it’s been three years since the initial development of Gravonaut, our first game from Nexus.

So much has happened since then, we’ve really grown as a company, how we develop our games, progressively raising the bar for ourselves with every title. We’ve earned the trust of many fans, proving quality of quantity, this is something we take very seriously.

As a special treat, all our games will be free for today only. Be sure to grab them at the links below:

Blitz Block Robo: iOS | Android

Infinite: iOS | Android

Gravonaut: iOS

We want to thank you for your on going support of our development, you guys are absolutely incredible. To all our fans and friends that we’ve made along this journey, thanks! We cannot wait to share what we have coming next from Nexus.

04 Aug

Infinite 1.21 Android Update Now Available

It’s been a while since the last update was available for infinite. We had technically finished development and updated the game to a state in which we were satisfied; version 1.15. Since completion of Blitz Block Robo, we’ve learned so much more about developing a better Android game, so this weekend, We decided to tackle the massive challenge of updating infinite. Why? We felt that we could have done so much better in our Android port. So we spent this long weekend making a sexy new update:

• Added full Google Play leaderboards and achievement support!
• ‘Back’ button now exits the application (with prompt).
• Removed unnecessary Android permissions.
• Improved audio support for sound effects (no more delays).
• Improved performance and various bug fixes.
• Updated app icon.

The update was not easy, our old code base did not mesh too well with the latest version of our engine as many API’s became out of date. It took some elbow grease, but got it ported over smoothly and added all the new features. Android users continue to support infinite, you deserve this. Thanks!

25 Jul

Blitz Block Robo Now Available!

The day is here! Blitz Block Robo is finally available for iOS and Android! Blitz Block Robo is currently on a launch week sale for $0.99, so pick it up soon.

 We did notice some little, non-gameplay related bugs, we are already hard at work on the 1.1 update to resolve these minor issues and improve the game. We hope everyone enjoys Blitz Block Robo, be sure to leave us a review on your respective app store, it helps us tremendously!



Blitz Block Robo 1.10 is live for both iOS and Android. More updates on the way to further improve the game!